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We believe in doing things that match our core competencies.

Realizing the growing popularity of sports in the city and understanding the potential for brands in it, we have ignited a Sports Event Management Company with the goal of creating, managing and implementing sports and event marketing initiatives/activities.

We are a group of like-minded people who have taken up the task to make a difference in the world of Sports & Leisure, with passion.

We like to experiment, creatively & strategically, while driving exceptional value for all the stakeholders.


Jigar Patel aka JP is a stock broker by Profession and a sports enthusiast by soul. A national level basketball player, an avid cyclist, health & fitness freak and ardent follower of various sports. JP is a person who eats, drinks and breathes sports.

Having been an active and passionate sportsperson all his academic life, he always longed to revive his passion for sports that was lost somewhere amid his hectic work schedules. He discovered it was not just him but there were several others like him who had to part with their sports activities for work and other priorities. Realizing the void, JP took it up on him and ventured out to introduce a first-of-its-kind sports event management company in Ahmedabad.

Jp’s motive behind setting up this novel venture is to fulfill the aspirations of amateur players, corporate employees and sport-loving citizens of Ahmedabad desiring to play competitive sports on weekends. Besides, he aims at providing a stress-free forum for relaxed interaction away from the pressures of workplace.


We are committed to design and deliver innovative sporting platforms which offer exceptional sponsorship opportunities as well as opportunities to contribute to the society as a whole.
Our aim is to provide an ideal platform for the sponsoring company to reach out and connect to its target audience – including youth, which has the biggest and fastest growing purchasing power in the market today. Further, we aim at providing the sponsoring company significant opportunities to engage with the consumers/target audience through events/races to ensure stronger and longer brand recall among the consumers/target audience.
The company is dedicated to provide unique window in terms of engagement marketing to the sponsoring company.
What we promise is new age marketing and branding platform for business ventures that aspire to capitalize on the benefits of the expanding event and experiential marketing space


We believe in developing long lasting relationships with our business partners, which is why we live and we love our sponsors’ brands right from the moment we are associated with them. And when you live and love your sponsors’ brands, you become sensitive towards them, protect them and grow them.


Any association demands immense sense of responsibility. We believe in it from the core. Because we understand that if what we do doesn’t work for the sponsors in the long run, it won’t work for us ever.


At JP Events, we sit across the table not to negotiate the commercial terms, but to discuss the future of the association. Because, costs are just investments.


JP Sports & Events is backed by a potent team of national level sports personnel and passionate sports enthusiasts who are into athletics, cycling, football, basketball, tennis and even mountaineering. Being a sports event management company, the management team of JP Sports & Events is built of talented people holding specialized academic qualification in sports management from renowned foreign universities, aside of strong creative ideation and communication team to take care of marketing of the events


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